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Born in Toronto, Canada, to Dutch parents,my love of sailing and the sea brought me here to St. Maarten 12 years ago. In Canada I operated a large construction business for over 20 years that focused on the remodeling of luxury homes and also commercial investment properties, which I am passionate about.
With most real estate purchases, necessary changes are made to cater the property to the clients specific tastes and needs. I have renovated several projects in St. Maarten over the years and can guide you through the process to keep it as painless as possible.
Real estate is not a career but a passion for me. My satisfaction comes from seeing you “Live the Dream”

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"Get all our agents selling for you!"

Rental Specialist | Sales Associate With RE/MAX since 2015

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In 1987, my family moved to St. Maarten when I was just 4 months old. Growing up on the island has given me knowledge about its real estate market and other related markets from a young age.
I have been trained and will always continue to be guided by the best in the industry on St. Maarten. I have worked in the customer service industry since 2007. At the beginning of 2015 I took the opportunity to join RE/MAX Island Properties and I look forward to meeting new clients from around the World as well as helping my fellow locals find their dream home.

Sales Associate With RE/MAX since 2017

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I appreciate the value of Customer Service and always strive to ensure that my clients are satisfied and comfortable, by understanding how personal it is to purchase a home.
Born in Trinidad and naturally being an island girl myself, I am proud to introduce the diversity and beauty of this island life to my clients.
I have traveled around the world, from Europe to the Middle East and I am confident to say that no country compares to the quality of life in Sint Maarten/St Martin.
The people, food, beaches and the overall ambience of Sint Maarten are just simply incredible!

Rental Specialist | Sales Associate With RE/MAX since

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Sales Associate With RE/MAX since 2020

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‘Networking is my passion’

Marsha was born in the Netherlands, but her background is also an Indonesian mix, from Sumatra and the island Moluccas. It is this mixture of people and it’s diversity of cultures that attracted her to Sint Maarten. Another attraction was the island’s relaxing way of living.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Facility Management, she worked as a Sales Consultant at an employment agency in Human Resource Management where her priority was finding the right people for the various functions of large scale of companies.

In her last job, she started as an Educational Advisor/Job Coach, then promoted to Account manager, specializing in Human Resource Management, where she visited 800 companies in the north region of the Netherlands.

What attracts her the most in her career is networking, to meet new people and find out what drives them. Her experience in Sales, and Human Resource Management allows her to give context and guidance to clients who want to sell, buy or rent. Marsha makes it a priority to learn about her client’s interests and goals in order to help identify their perfect home or investment.

During her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, she is active with sports and of course she loves to ride on her red scooter (Vespa) on the beautiful island of Sint Maarten, which gives her this feeling of freedom!

She worked as a sports coach and personal trainer at 3 well known gyms on the island. She also taught kickboxing to teenage kids and organized beach bootcamps for university. She has been very active in the community of Sint Maarten.

“I like to connect with people. It’s not about just making a living, it’s about knowing your clients, getting to the core of what they want and the pleasure of making it happen.”

Sales Associate With RE/MAX since 2020

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She moved to Sint Maarten in 2017 with her husband and her son. Over the years she remodelled properties and she developed a passion for home improvement and design. It is love and passion for this beautiful island that has inspired her to help others make Sint Maarten their new home.

Shirley took her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for homes to the world of real estate, becoming a realtor. Coming to a new place and not knowing anyone other than a close friend, they decided to start their own real estate company. They started to have dealings with RE/MAX and realized that the company has the experience, knowledge and tools needed, in order to become successful in real estate, so they decided to join forces.

In her free time, she loves to exercise in the gym, walk to the beach with her dogs and spending time with her family.

With great knowledge and passion she wants to help people to find their island dream home specific to their own needs. Every client has a different story to tell and that's what drives me, to find that special place they can call their new home.

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